World renowned spy author Ian Fleming to feature in upcoming video game, John Carter Warlord of Mars

Ian Fleming, the illustrious creator of James Bond, will be characterised in a videogame for the first time ever, in a planned first person adventure game titled John Carter Warlord of Mars.

 Set to be released in May 2022, the all-action game is being published by FNCPR Ltd under a licence from Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, the company that manages and licenses the creative works of novelist Edgar Rice Burroughs, on which the game is based.

 The central character, John Carter, was an interplanetary warrior in a series of classic Burroughs novels, dating back to 1912. With the new game set to be available on PC and Console platforms, it is bringing the historic sci fi fantasy to a contemporary audience.

 Diggory Laycock, of the Ian Fleming Estate Executive Committee and Director of Ian Fleming Publications, said, “We were intrigued when first approached with this idea and think it is a project fans of Ian Fleming will enjoy. I’m looking forward to seeing my great-uncle realised onscreen.”

Starting in 1945, the gameplay will centre on the soldier John Carter, working on a mission to find Hitler’s secret projects operation. The orders for this mission come directly from Fleming, triggering the start of an epic sci fi adventure in which John Carter finds an experimental technology that ultimately transports him to Mars.

Within the game, Fleming will be bought to life as the commander of special WWII intelligence unit, known as T-Force, paying homage to his real-life exploits during the war. Before he put pen to paper on his iconic James Bond novels, Fleming held a series of key intelligence positions in the war effort and was from a family steeped in military service.

The confirmation of Fleming’s cameo comes hot-off the recent announcement that John Carter Warlord of Mars is under development, with planning, scripting and casting making strong progress.

An exclusive licence covering Ian Fleming’s involvement has been granted to the game’s publishers, FNCPR Ltd. Frazer Nash, Managing Director of FNCPR Ltd, said: “This game is a real melting pot of traditions and genres. As an adventure based on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, it was already shaping up to be a fusion of classic literature and cutting edge gaming technology. However, by celebrating Ian Fleming’s intelligence work in the war – which inspired him when creating the tales of 007 – and weaving him into the story, we have taken the game to another level.

Not only was he a legendary author, he was a genuine military man, accustomed to sending Britain’s bravest into extreme situations. That’s a quality that will certainly come to the fore in John Carter Warlord of Mars.”