About Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc:

From its Tarzana, California headquarters, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., administers the intellectual property of American author Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875–1950), one of the twentieth century’s most prolific and enduring writers. Mr. Burroughs’ 80+ novels and 40+ short stories have been adapted into 61 feature films and 249 television episodes, and are featured in comic books, video games, apparel, and other merchandise. Through worldwide ownership of copyrights and trademarks, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., has overseen every adaptation of his literary works in film, television, radio publishing, and theatrical stage productions. The company, which licenses the copyrights and trademarks of Mr. Burroughs’ fictional heroes, including Tarzan of the Apes®, John Carter of Mars®, Carson Napier™ of Venus, and many more, is owned by his heirs and operates from offices the author built in 1927 on the site of his former Tarzana ranch in the San Fernando Valley.

About Hypnotic Ants
Based in Poland, we are an independent team of experienced game developers who create passionately twisted games. We want our games to make an impact by being relevant, meaningful, unusual and fresh.

Early history
Before Hypnotic Ants – Adrian Sobieraj, Mateusz Smykowski and Arkadiusz Kwasny gained experience while working on many projects in several large and smaller Gamedev companies. Big and small titles like The Witcher, Sniper Elite and many others were not what they wanted to do for the next few years.

About The Ian Fleming Estate
The Ian Fleming Estate owns the copyright in Ian Fleming’s personal letters and other non-Bond writing and manages the use of the Ian Fleming name and of his likeness.  We are delighted to have Ian make his computer game debut.


About Modiphius  Games
Our friends at Modiphius publish roleplaying games, boardgames, miniatures, novels, accessories and more.

As well as the excellent John Carter of Mars RPG, Modiphius publishes tabletop games based on major licensed properties including Conan, Dune, the Elder Scrolls Call To Arms, Fallout The Roleplaying Game & Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Star Trek Adventures, and many more.