It’s good to talk

The kickstarter has ended and we didnt hit our target this time.  However, we had started deep talks with publisher partners and these are going well. We hope to soon bring you more news about the on-going development and some release dates.

Another Q&A session

More of the questions we have received are answered in this video.  Thanks for watching.  Remember, spread the word about our kickstarter!

Q&A about the game – Ep 1

We have had a lot of questions asked on our social channels about the ideas behind the game, what our intentions are and so on. So we are going to answer as many as we can, check out this video chat.

Kickstarter is live!

We have now launched the fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter. The game needs a lot of support and money to get made.  We are investing a lot from this end, talking now to other investers and asking for your help via our kickstarter offer. Remember, any amount helps and if you can’t pledge, then please share […]


We are excited to announce that Hypnotic Ants studio have been appointed Lead Developer by FNCPR to help create and realise the upcoming game release; John Carter: Warlord of Mars! Hypnotic Ants studio opened its doors in Radom, Poland in 2017, with key staff Adrian Sobieraj, Mateusz Smykowski and Arkadiusz Kwasny having gained invaluable experience while […]

Tars Tarkas speaks…

Brian Bovell reads from A PRINCESS OF MARS. The mighty Thark Warrior, Tars Tarkas.

John Carter reads…

john carter reads

In 1912, Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote A PRINCESS OF MARS, the start of an epic journey for Captain Jack (John) Carter. The series of books that followed Carter’s adventures were to influence writers, artists and filmmakers for generations. In the newest iteration of the the life and times of the Martian hero, we hope to […]


We are delighted to announce that David Elliot will be playing John Carter, Warlord of Mars. David Elliot was born on July 27, 1981 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He won the BAFTA Scotland Award for Best Actor in the film, KAJAKI, beating Robert Carlyle and David Tennant to the prize. David started his acting career on […]

ERB Inc. Shout out…

Take a look at these teaser videos from the Edgar Rice Burroughs office. They were kind enough enough to record these during lockdown. You can find out more about Edgar Rice Burroughs and his fantastic creations at